State sector productivity

The Commission's draft report on measuring and improving state sector productivity is now available.

The terms of reference for this inquiry asked the Commission to investigate how to measure the productivity of core government services – health, education, justice and social development.

The draft report :

  • Provides guidance on how to measure efficiency/productivity in public services, taking into consideration measurement issues and how imperfect measures are most appropriately and usefully employed.
  • Considers the appropriate role of efficiency/productivity measures in public sector performance frameworks and the capability and systems that are needed to better measure, understand and improve productivity.

The Commission has published a number of supporting documents with the report including case studies illustrating productivity measurement and its challenges, a history of efficiency measures in the health sector, commentary from senior state sector leaders on efficiency and performance in the state sector, and an analysis of the PSA 2016 survey on workplace dynamics. All of these documents are available below.

Report summary

A3 summaryThe Commission has published an infographic summary of the draft report.

Click on the image to open the summary.







Inquiry timeline

14 December 2017: Draft report released
1 March 2018: Submissions on draft report close
Final report to the Government: 30 August 2018

Inquiry contacts

Administrative matters
T: 04 903 5167

Judy Kavanagh, Inquiry Director
T: 04 903 5165