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The Commission aims to maintain a high level of transparency with submissions, sharing them publicly soon after they are received.

Submissions on current inquiries can be viewed below. All other submissions are available via completed inquiries. The number 'Sub #' relates to submissions on consultation/issues papers and 'DR #' for submissions on draft reports. 

Note that the views set out in a submission are those of the submitter. Their publication does not associate the Productivity Commission with those views.

Number Inquiry Name Submission
Sub 003 Immigration settings Adam Irish Sub-003-Adam-Irish.pdf [134 KB]
Sub 003 A fair chance for all Alastair Robertson Sub-003-Alastair-Robertson.pdf [116 KB]
Sub 027 Immigration settings Alec Waugh Sub-027-Alec-Waugh.pdf [116 KB]
Sub 034 Immigration settings Allan Fong Sub-034-Allan-Fong.pdf [265 KB]
Sub 002 Immigration settings Anonymous Sub-002-Anonymous-v2.pdf [159 KB]
Sub 008 Immigration settings Anonymous Sub-008-Anonymous.pdf [111 KB]
Sub 018 Immigration settings Anonymous Sub-018-Anonymous.pdf [49 KB]
Sub 009 Immigration settings Archer Wang Sub-009-Archer-Wang.pdf [111 KB]
Sub 040 Immigration settings Association of Salaried Medical Specialists Sub-040-Association-of-Salaried-Medical-Specialists.pdf [198 KB]
Sub 037 Immigration settings BNZ Sub-037-BNZ.pdf [214 KB]
Sub 006 Immigration settings Christopher Horan Sub-006-Christopher-Horan.pdf [16 KB]
Sub 004 Immigration settings Creative Cuisine Limited Sub-004-Creative-Cuisine-Limited-v2.pdf [91 KB]
Sub 024 Immigration settings D Sub-024-D.pdf [382 KB]
Sub 010 Immigration settings David Robinson Sub-010-David-Robinson.pdf [229 KB]
Sub 031 Immigration settings David Wang Sub-031-David-Wang.pdf [22 KB]
Sub 016 Immigration settings Gary Wills Sub-016-Gary-Wills.pdf [97 KB]
Sub 009 A fair chance for all Gary Wills Sub-009-Gary-Wills.pdf [95 KB]
Sub 021 Immigration settings Greig Brash Sub-021-Greig-Brash.pdf [47 KB]
Sub 012 Immigration settings Jason Scott Wills Sub-012-Jason-Scott-Willis.pdf [53 KB]
Sub 005 Immigration settings John Fung Sub-005-John-Fung.pdf [107 KB]
Sub 036 Immigration settings John Smith Sub-036-John-Smith.pdf [54 KB]
Sub 039 Immigration settings Keith Jones Sub-039-Keith-Jones.pdf [42 KB]
Sub 019 Immigration settings Kirill Kirichai Sub-019-Kirill-Kirichai.pdf [110 KB]
Sub 008 A fair chance for all Laura Williams Sub-008-Laura-Williams.pdf [111 KB]
Sub 023 Immigration settings Margaret Sub-023-Margaret.pdf [26 KB]
Sub 032 Immigration settings Mike Lear Sub-032-Mike-Lear.pdf [291 KB]
Sub 007 A fair chance for all Naomi Pocock Sub-007-Naomi-Pocock.pdf [135 KB]
Sub 022 Immigration settings Nick Sub-022-Nick.pdf [46 KB]
Sub 006 A fair chance for all Paula Cross Sub-006-Paula-Cross.pdf [305 KB]
Sub 001 Immigration settings Professional Visa Solutions Sub-001-Professional-Visa-Solutions.pdf [452 KB]
Sub 004 A fair chance for all Rakau Ora Sub-004-Rakau-Ora-v2.pdf [32 KB]
Sub 038 Immigration settings Rex Beer Sub-038-Rex-Beer.pdf [94 KB]
Sub 007 Immigration settings Rob Wardle Sub-007-Rob-Wardle.pdf [114 KB]
Sub 013 Immigration settings Ross Bicknell Sub-013-Ross-Bicknell.pdf [212 KB]
Sub 014 Immigration settings Rowan Kyle Sub-014-Rowan-Kyle.pdf [39 KB]
Sub 028 Immigration settings Sam Sub-028-Sam.pdf [79 KB]
Sub 011 Immigration settings Sarah Lini Sub-011-Sarah-Lini.pdf [124 KB]
Sub 033 Immigration settings Sunit Prakash Sub-033-Sunit-Prakash.pdf [200 KB]
Sub 029 Immigration settings Sylvia White Sub-029-Sylvia-White.pdf [46 KB]
Sub 001 A fair chance for all The Helen Clark Foundation Sub-001-The-Helen-Clark-Foundation.pdf [6.6 MB]
Sub 026 Immigration settings Tom Robertson Sub-026-Tom-Robertson.pdf [62 KB]
Sub 002 A fair chance for all Trina Sellers Sub-002-Trina-Sellers.pdf [58 KB]
Sub 030 Immigration settings Troy Hanley Sub-030-Troy-Hanley.pdf [133 KB]
Sub 025 Immigration settings Trustpower Sub-025-Trustpower.pdf [475 KB]
Sub 020 Immigration settings Wai Hospitality Group Sub-020-Wai-Hospitality-Group.pdf [711 KB]
Sub 035 Immigration settings Xingbo Liu Sub-035-Xingbo-Liu.pdf [64 KB]