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The Commission aims to maintain a high level of transparency with submissions, sharing them publicly soon after they are received.

Submissions on current inquiries can be viewed below. All other submissions are available via completed inquiries. The number 'Sub #' relates to submissions on consultation/issues papers and 'DR #' for submissions on draft reports. 

Note that the views set out in a submission are those of the submitter. Their publication does not associate the Productivity Commission with those views.

Number Inquiry Name Submission
DR 170 Immigration settings ACE New Zealand DR-170-ACE-New-Zealand.pdf [145 KB]
Sub 003 Immigration settings Adam Irish Sub-003-Adam-Irish.pdf [134 KB]
Sub 075 A fair chance for all Adelphi Motel Sub-075-Adelphi-Motel.pdf [47 KB]
Sub 011 A fair chance for all Adrian Hobson Sub-011-Adrian-Hobson.pdf [60 KB]
Sub 037 A fair chance for all Advocacy Anglican Care South Canterbury Sub-037-Advocacy-Anglican-Care-South-Canterbury.pdf [436 KB]
Sub 067 A fair chance for all Age Concern New Zealand Sub-067-Age-Concern-New-Zealand.pdf [394 KB]
Sub 085 A fair chance for all Ako Aotearoa Sub-085-Ako-Aotearoa-updated.pdf [311 KB]
Sub 003 A fair chance for all Alastair Robertson Sub-003-Alastair-Robertson.pdf [116 KB]
Sub 027 Immigration settings Alec Waugh Sub-027-Alec-Waugh.pdf [116 KB]
Sub 052 A fair chance for all Alex Dyer Sub-052-Alex-Dyer.pdf [6.2 MB]
Sub 034 Immigration settings Allan Fong Sub-034-Allan-Fong.pdf [265 KB]
Sub 058 Immigration settings Andrew Turner Sub-058-Andrew-Turner.pdf [64 KB]
DR 102 Immigration settings Angel Association New Zealand DR-102-Angel-Association-NZ.pdf [2.2 MB]
Sub 002 Immigration settings Anonymous Sub-002-Anonymous-v2.pdf [159 KB]
Sub 008 Immigration settings Anonymous Sub-008-Anonymous.pdf [111 KB]
Sub 018 Immigration settings Anonymous Sub-018-Anonymous.pdf [49 KB]
Sub 078 Immigration settings Anonymous Sub-78-Anonymous.pdf [37 KB]
DR 082 Immigration settings Anonymous DR-082-Anonymous.pdf [53 KB]
DR 091 Immigration settings Anonymous DR-091-Kris-Vermeir.pdf [2.7 MB]
DR 103 Immigration settings Anonymous DR-103-Anonymous.pdf [50 KB]
Sub 019 A fair chance for all Anonymous Sub-019-Anonymous.pdf [154 KB]
Sub 071 A fair chance for all Anonymous Sub-071-Anonymous-Attachment-1-The-Housing-Crisis.pdf [277 KB]
Sub-071-Anonymous-Attachment-2-Kiwisaver-First-Home-Grant-Flaws.pdf [242 KB]
Sub-071-Anonymous-Attachment-3-Timeline-STRA-EFFECTS-on-Housing.pdf [436 KB]
Sub-071-Anonymous.pdf [118 KB]
Sub 057 A fair chance for all Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers Sub-057-Aotearoa-New-Zealand-Association-of-Social-Workers.pdf [260 KB]
Sub 009 Immigration settings Archer Wang Sub-009-Archer-Wang.pdf [111 KB]
Sub 068 Immigration settings Archer Wang Sub-068-Archer-Wang.pdf [182 KB]
Sub 064 Immigration settings Ashburton District Council Sub-064-Ashburton-District-Council-v2.pdf [619 KB]
Sub 026 A fair chance for all Asian Family Services Sub-026-Asian-Family-Services.pdf [255 KB]
Sub 040 Immigration settings Association of Salaried Medical Specialists Sub-040-Association-of-Salaried-Medical-Specialists.pdf [198 KB]
DR 135 Immigration settings Auckland Council DR-135-Auckland-Council.pdf [4 MB]
DR 133 Immigration settings Auckland University of Technology - Joint Submission DR-133-Auckland-University-of-Technology-Joint-Submission.pdf [620 KB]
Sub 073 Immigration settings Belong Aotearoa Sub-073-Belong-Aotearoa.pdf [344 KB]
Sub 063 A fair chance for all Ben Wybourne Sub-063-Ben-Wybourne.pdf [114 KB]
Sub 043 A fair chance for all Bev James Sub-043-Bev-James.pdf [162 KB]
Sub 037 Immigration settings BNZ Sub-037-BNZ.pdf [214 KB]
DR 179 Immigration settings BusinessNZ DR-179-BusinessNZ.pdf [187 KB]
DR 161 Immigration settings BYATA DR-161-BYATA.pdf [104 KB]
Sub 067 Immigration settings Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce Sub-067-Canterbury-Employers-Chamber-of-Commerce.pdf [280 KB]
DR 123 Immigration settings Canterbury Mayoral Forum DR-123-Canterbury-Mayoral-Forum.pdf [369 KB]
DR 166 Immigration settings Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand DR-166-Caritas-Aotearoa-New-Zealand.pdf [241 KB]
DR 124 Immigration settings Central Economic Development Agency DR-124-Central-Economic-Development-Agency-CEDA.pdf [155 KB]
DR 142 Immigration settings Central Otago District Council DR-142-Central-Otago-District-Council.pdf [305 KB]
Sub 073 A fair chance for all Challenge 2000 Sub-073-Challenge-2000.pdf [1.4 MB]
Sub 048 A fair chance for all Child Poverty Action Group Sub-048-Child-Poverty-Action-Group.pdf [437 KB]
DR 151 Immigration settings Christchurch Educated DR-151-Christchurch-Educated.pdf [235 KB]
Sub 066 Immigration settings ChristchurchNZ Sub-066-ChristchurchNZ.pdf [161 KB]
DR 165 Immigration settings Christina Stringer - The University of Auckland Business School DR-165-Christina-Stringer-The-University-of-Auckland-Business-School.pdf [223 KB]
Sub 072 A fair chance for all Christopher Boxall Sub-072-Christopher-Boxall.pdf [643 KB]
Sub 006 Immigration settings Christopher Horan Sub-006-Christopher-Horan.pdf [16 KB]
Sub 063 Immigration settings Clive Thorp Sub-063-Clive-Thorp.pdf [241 KB]
Sub 054 A fair chance for all COMET Auckland Sub-054-COMET-Auckland.pdf [496 KB]
Sub 081 A fair chance for all Comfort Christchurch Sub-081-Comfort-Christchurch.pdf [61 KB]
Sub 060 A fair chance for all Community Housing Aotearoa Sub-060-Community-Housing-Aotearoa.pdf [224 KB]
DR 117 Immigration settings ComVoices DR-117-ComVoices.pdf [229 KB]
Sub 049 A fair chance for all ComVoices Sub-049-ComVoices.pdf [174 KB]
Sub 004 Immigration settings Creative Cuisine Limited Sub-004-Creative-Cuisine-Limited-v2.pdf [91 KB]
Sub 024 Immigration settings D Sub-024-D.pdf [382 KB]
Sub 043 Immigration settings DairyNZ Sub-043-DairyNZ.pdf [683 KB]
DR 168 Immigration settings DairyNZ DR-168-DairyNZ.pdf [1.3 MB]
DR 083 Immigration settings Daniel Maier-Gant DR-083-Daniel-Maier-Gant.pdf [52 KB]
DR 096 Immigration settings David DR-096-David.pdf [50 KB]
DR 089 Immigration settings David Essery DR-089-David-Essery.pdf [72 KB]
DR 085 Immigration settings David Miller DR-085-David-Miller.pdf [72 KB]
Sub 010 Immigration settings David Robinson Sub-010-David-Robinson.pdf [229 KB]
Sub 042 A fair chance for all David Robinson Sub-042-David-Robinson.pdf [135 KB]
Sub 074 A fair chance for all David Sinclair Sub-074-David-Sinclair-attachment-1.pdf [326 KB]
Sub-074-David-Sinclair.pdf [58 KB]
Sub 031 Immigration settings David Wang Sub-031-David-Wang.pdf [22 KB]
Sub 017 A fair chance for all Deborah Robertson Sub-017-Deborah-Robertson.pdf [143 KB]
Sub 057 Immigration settings Dieter Katz Sub-057-Dieter-Katz.pdf [127 KB]
Sub 013 A fair chance for all Don Mckenzie Sub-013-Don-McKenzie.pdf [61 KB]
Sub 082 A fair chance for all Douglas G Higgns Sub-082-Douglas-G-Higgins.pdf [498 KB]
Sub 075 Immigration settings Dr. Roger Lewis Sub-075-Dr.-Roger-Lewis.pdf [131 KB]
DR 120 Immigration settings E tū DR-120-E-tu.pdf [218 KB]
DR 106 Immigration settings Edmund Hillary Fellowship DR-106-Edmund-Hillary-Fellowship.pdf [176 KB]
DR 138 Immigration settings Education New Zealand DR-138-Education-New-Zealand.pdf [588 KB]
DR 118 Immigration settings Engineering New Zealand DR-118-Engineering-New-Zealand.pdf [287 KB]
Sub 034 A fair chance for all Enoch Qualls Sub-034-Enoch-Qualls.pdf [192 KB]
Sub 035 A fair chance for all Environmental Communications Ltd Sub-035-Environmental-Communications-Ltd.pdf [2.6 MB]
DR 136 Immigration settings Export New Zealand DR-136-Export-New-Zealand.pdf [307 KB]
DR 107 Immigration settings Express Immigration (NZ) Ltd DR-107-Express-Immigration-NZ-Ltd.pdf [430 KB]
Sub 060 Immigration settings Federated Farmers of New Zealand Sub-060-Federated-Farmers-of-New-Zealand.pdf [452 KB]
DR 086 Immigration settings Felix Lee DR-086-Felix-Lee.pdf [14 KB]
Sub 025 A fair chance for all FinCap Sub-025-FinCap.pdf [213 KB]
DR 180 Immigration settings FIRST Union DR-180-FIRST-Union.pdf [195 KB]
DR 141 Immigration settings Foodstuffs NZ Ltd DR-141-Foodstuffs-NZ-Ltd.pdf [280 KB]
Sub 016 Immigration settings Gary Wills Sub-016-Gary-Wills.pdf [97 KB]
Sub 009 A fair chance for all Gary Wills Sub-009-Gary-Wills.pdf [95 KB]
Sub 061 A fair chance for all Graeme Dingle Foundation Sub-061-Graeme-Dingle-Foundation.pdf [243 KB]
Sub 005 A fair chance for all Grant Beaven Sub-005-Attachment-1-Citizen-Robot-cover.pdf [136 KB]
Sub-005-Attachment-2-Citizen-Robot.pdf [2.5 MB]
Sub-005-Attachment-3-Emperors-and-Gods.pdf [801 KB]
Sub-005-Attachment-4-Letters-and-emails.pdf [3.2 MB]
Sub-005-Grant-Beaven.pdf [137 KB]
Sub-005-Attachment-5-summing-up.pdf [110 KB]
Sub 012 A fair chance for all Grant Nelson Trustee of Gama Foundation Sub-012-Grant-Nelson-Trustee-of-Gama-Foundation.pdf [78 KB]
Sub 059 A fair chance for all Green Party Sub-059-Green-Party.pdf [568 KB]
DR 129 Immigration settings Greg Clydesdale DR-129-Greg-Clydesdale.pdf [275 KB]
Sub 021 Immigration settings Greig Brash Sub-021-Greig-Brash.pdf [47 KB]
DR 125 Immigration settings Halswell School DR-125-Halswell-School.pdf [160 KB]
Sub 077 A fair chance for all Hamilton City Council Sub-077-Hamilton-City-Council.pdf [235 KB]
Sub 022 A fair chance for all Hauraki District Council Sub-022-Hauraki-District-Council.pdf [220 KB]
DR 139 Immigration settings Hospitality New Zealand DR-139-Hospitality-New-Zealand.pdf [102 KB]
Sub 027 A fair chance for all Housing Foundation Sub-027-Housing-Foundation.pdf [1.2 MB]
Sub 042 Immigration settings Hugh Anderson Sub 042 - Hugh Anderson.pdf [74 KB]
Sub 052 Immigration settings Hyedi Greig Sub-052-Hyedi-Greig.pdf [206 KB]
Sub 014 A fair chance for all IHC New Zealand Sub-014-IHC-New-Zealand.pdf [137 KB]
Sub 016 A fair chance for all Imagine Better Sub-016-Imagine-better.pdf [282 KB]
DR 087 Immigration settings Individual - PR restriction DR-087-Individual-PR-restriction.pdf [42 KB]
Sub 065 A fair chance for all Isabella Cawthorn Sub-065-Isabella-Cawthorn.pdf [64 KB]
DR 174 Immigration settings Jan Gillespie DR-174-Jan-Gillespie.pdf [146 KB]
Sub 012 Immigration settings Jason Scott Wills Sub-012-Jason-Scott-Willis.pdf [53 KB]
Sub 047 Immigration settings Jeff Murray Sub-047-Jeff-Murray.pdf [133 KB]
Sub 005 Immigration settings John Fung Sub-005-John-Fung.pdf [107 KB]
DR 090 Immigration settings John Fung DR-090-John-Fung.pdf [91 KB]
Sub 036 Immigration settings John Smith Sub-036-John-Smith.pdf [54 KB]
Sub 079 Immigration settings Joint Submission: Non-Profit Organisations Sub-079-Non-Profit-Organisations-Joint-Submission.pdf [497 KB]
DR 100 Immigration settings Joshua Pietras DR-100-Joshua-Pietras.pdf [412 KB]
Sub 039 Immigration settings Keith Jones Sub-039-Keith-Jones.pdf [42 KB]
DR 093 Immigration settings Keith Robinson DR-093-Keith-Robinson.pdf [161 KB]
DR-093-Keith-Robinson-attachment-1.pdf [4.8 MB]
Sub 044 Immigration settings Kerry Bateman Sub-044-Kerry-Bateman.pdf [45 KB]
DR 088 Immigration settings Kerry Bateman DR-088-Kerry-Bateman.pdf [40 KB]
Sub 046 Immigration settings Kim Stevenson Sub-046-Kim-Stevenson-Attachment-1.pdf [129 KB]
Sub-046-Kim-Stevenson-v2.pdf [102 KB]
Sub 019 Immigration settings Kirill Kirichai Sub-019-Kirill-Kirichai.pdf [110 KB]
DR 113 Immigration settings Laura Williams DR-113-Laura-Williams.pdf [52 KB]
Sub 008 A fair chance for all Laura Williams Sub-008-Laura-Williams.pdf [111 KB]
Sub 051 Immigration settings Leigh Anderson Sub-051-Leigh-Anderson.pdf [83 KB]
DR 116 Immigration settings Lincoln University – Joint University Submission DR-116-Lincoln-University-Joint-University-Submission.pdf [547 KB]
Sub 015 A fair chance for all M A Mancer Sub-015-M-A-Mancer.jpg [83 KB]
Sub 017 Immigration settings Marc Galle Sub-017-Marc-Galle.pdf [53 KB]
Sub 055 A fair chance for all Marci Rowe Sub-055-Marci-Rowe.pdf [125 KB]
Sub 023 Immigration settings Margaret Sub-023-Margaret.pdf [26 KB]
Sub 041 Immigration settings Martin Fletcher Sub-041-Martin-Fletcher.pdf [63 KB]
Sub 086 A fair chance for all Maternal Care Action Group NZ Sub-086-Maternal-Care-Action-Group-NZ-Attachment.pdf [674 KB]
Sub-086-Maternal-Care-Action-Group-NZ.pdf [3.2 MB]
DR 156 Immigration settings Meat Industry Association of New Zealand (Incorporated) DR-156-Meat-Industry-Association-of-New-Zealand-Incorporated.pdf [237 KB]
DR 134 Immigration settings Methodist Mission Southern DR-134-Methodist-Mission-Southern.pdf [137 KB]
DR 144 Immigration settings Michael Reddell DR-144-Michael-Reddell.pdf [193 KB]
DR 104 Immigration settings Migrant Investor & Entrepreneur Association (MIEA) ltd DR-104-Migrant-Investor-Entrepreneur-Association-MIEA-ltd.pdf [49 KB]
Sub 032 Immigration settings Mike Lear Sub-032-Mike-Lear.pdf [291 KB]
DR 108 Immigration settings Mike Lear DR-108-Mike-Lear.pdf [336 KB]
Sub 029 A fair chance for all Mike Lear Sub-029-Mike-Lear.pdf [140 KB]
Sub 084 A fair chance for all Mike Styles Sub-084-Mike-Styles.pdf [156 KB]
Sub 076 Immigration settings Ministry for Pacific Peoples Sub-076-Ministry-for-Pacific-Peoples.pdf [418 KB]
DR 181 Immigration settings Ministry for Primary Industries DR-181-Ministry-for-Primary-Industries.pdf [229 KB]
DR 130 Immigration settings Ministry of Housing and Urban Development DR-130-Ministry-of-Housing-and-Urban-Development.pdf [177 KB]
Sub 045 Immigration settings Monty Cunningham Sub-045-Monty-Cunningham.pdf [233 KB]
DR 154 Immigration settings Motor Trade Association Inc (MTA) DR-154-Motor-Trade-Association-Inc-MTA.pdf [596 KB]
DR 152 Immigration settings Multicultural New Zealand DR-152-Multicultural-New-Zealand.pdf [174 KB]
Sub 007 A fair chance for all Naomi Pocock Sub-007-Naomi-Pocock.pdf [135 KB]
DR 115 Immigration settings Natalie Baird and Tina Yee (University of Canterbury) DR-115-Natalie-Baird-and-Tina-Yee-University-of-Canterbury.pdf [495 KB]
DR 121 Immigration settings National Council of Women of New Zealand DR-121-National-Council-of-Women-of-New-Zealand.pdf [246 KB]
DR 094 Immigration settings Nauman Shah DR-094-Nauman-Shah.pdf [43 KB]
Sub 069 Immigration settings New Zealand Aged Care Association Sub-069-New-Zealand-Aged-Care-Association.pdf [423 KB]
DR 157 Immigration settings New Zealand Aged Care Association DR-157-New-Zealand-Aged-Care-Association.pdf [326 KB]
DR 172 Immigration settings New Zealand Apples and Pears Inc DR-172-New-Zealand-Apples-and-Pears-Inc.pdf [653 KB]
Sub 062 A fair chance for all New Zealand College of Midwives Sub-062-New-Zealand-College-of-Midwives.pdf [191 KB]
Sub 074 Immigration settings New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services Sub-074-New-Zealand-Council-of-Christian-Social-Services.pdf [260 KB]
DR 112 Immigration settings New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services DR-112-New-Zealand-Council-of-Christian-Social-Services.pdf [472 KB]
Sub 047 A fair chance for all New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services Sub-047-New-Zealand-Council-of-Christian-Social-Services.pdf [110 KB]
DR 167 Immigration settings New Zealand Council of Trade Unions DR-167-New-Zealand-Council-of-Trade-Unions.pdf [373 KB]
DR 159 Immigration settings New Zealand Human Rights Commission DR-159-New-Zealand-Human-Rights-Commission.pdf [11 MB]
Sub 049 Immigration settings New Zealand Medical Association Sub-049-New-Zealand-Medical-Association.pdf [156 KB]
Sub 028 A fair chance for all New Zealand Medical Association Sub-028-New-Zealand-Medical-Association.pdf [164 KB]
DR 163 Immigration settings New Zealand Nurses Organisation DR-163-New-Zealand-Nurses-Organisation.pdf [492 KB]
DR 145 Immigration settings New Zealand Public Service Association Te Pūkenga Here Tikanga Mahi DR-145-New-Zealand-Public-Service-Association-Te-Pukenga-Here-Tikanga-Mahi.pdf [1.1 MB]
DR 158 Immigration settings New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists DR-158-New-Zealand-Society-of-Anaesthetists.pdf [307 KB]
DR 111 Immigration settings New Zealand Trade and Enterprise DR-111-New-Zealand-Trade-and-Enterprise.pdf [1.8 MB]
DR 150 Immigration settings New Zealand Winegrowers DR-150-New-Zealand-Winegrowers.pdf [181 KB]
Sub 066 A fair chance for all Ngarangi Kanewa Stokes Sub-066-Ngarangi-Kanewa-Stokes.pdf [162 KB]
Sub 022 Immigration settings Nick
DR 147 Immigration settings NZ Apples and Pears Incorporated & Horticulture New Zealand Incorporated DR-147-NZ-Apples-and-Pears-Incorporated-Horticulture-New-Zealand-Incoporated.pdf [501 KB]
DR-147-NZ-Apples-and-Pears-Incorporated-Horticulture-New-Zealand-Incoporated-Attachment-2.pdf [1.2 MB]
DR-147-NZ-Apples-and-Pears-Incorporated-Horticulture-New-Zealand-Incoporated-Attachment-1.pdf [2.4 MB]
Sub 055 Immigration settings NZ Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated Sub-055-NZ-Kiwifruit-Growers-Incorporated.pdf [246 KB]
DR 153 Immigration settings NZ Thoroughbred Racing DR-153-NZ-Thoroughbred-Racing.pdf [705 KB]
DR 131 Immigration settings NZAMI New Zealand Association for Migration & Investment DR-131-NZAMI-New-Zealand-Association-for-Migration-Investment.pdf [353 KB]
DR 177 Immigration settings NZKGI Zespri and Maori Kiwifruit Growers Inc DR-177-NZKGI-Zespri-and-Maori-Kiwifruit-Growers-Inc.pdf [241 KB]
DR 137 Immigration settings NZTech DR-137-NZTech.pdf [170 KB]
DR 171 Immigration settings OceanaGold DR-171-OceanaGold.pdf [291 KB]
Sub 080 A fair chance for all Office of Children's Commissioner Sub-080-Office-of-Childrens-Commissioner.pdf [189 KB]
Sub 080 Immigration settings Pakistan and Friends Hawkes Bay Association Incorp Sub-080-Pakistan-and-Friends-Hawkes-Bay-Association-Incorp.pdf [42 KB]
Sub 020 A fair chance for all Patty Towl Sub-020-Patty-Towl.pdf [133 KB]
Sub 006 A fair chance for all Paula Cross Sub-006-Paula-Cross.pdf [305 KB]
Sub 023 A fair chance for all Payal Ramritu Sub-023-Payal-Ramritu-v2.pdf [88 KB]
DR 110 Immigration settings Peter Davis DR-110-Peter-Davis.pdf [125 KB]
Sub 078 A fair chance for all PGF Group Sub-078-PGF-Group.pdf [441 KB]
Sub 062 Immigration settings Philanthropy New Zealand Sub-062-Philanthropy-New-Zealand-v2.pdf [238 KB]
DR 149 Immigration settings Philanthropy New Zealand DR-149-Philanthropy-New-Zealand.pdf [555 KB]
Sub 068 A fair chance for all Phillip Coghini Sub-068-Phillip-Coghini.pdf [678 KB]
Sub 053 A fair chance for all Platform Trust Sub-053-Platform-Trust.pdf [282 KB]
DR 126 Immigration settings Presbyterian Support NZ DR-126-Presbyterian-Support-NZ.pdf [230 KB]
Sub 070 A fair chance for all Pringle Group Sub-070-Pringle-Group.pdf [65 KB]
Sub 071 Immigration settings Priority One Western Bay of Plenty Inc. Sub-071-Priority-One-Western-Bay-of-Plenty-Inc..pdf [257 KB]
Sub 001 Immigration settings Professional Visa Solutions Sub-001-Professional-Visa-Solutions.pdf [452 KB]
Sub 018 A fair chance for all Professor Boyd Swinburn Sub-018-Professor-Boyd-Swinburn.pdf [190 KB]
Sub 050 A fair chance for all PwC Aotearoa Sub-050-PwC-Aotearoa.pdf [558 KB]
DR 148 Immigration settings Queenstown Lakes District Council DR-148-Queenstown-Lakes-District-Council.pdf [313 KB]
Sub 036 A fair chance for all R J Skinner Sub-036-R-J-Skinner.pdf [185 KB]
Sub 004 A fair chance for all Rakau Ora Sub-004-Rakau-Ora-v2.pdf [32 KB]
DR 178 Immigration settings Ray Henderson - unpublished
DR 162 Immigration settings RCSA DR-162-RCSA.pdf [529 KB]
Sub 032 A fair chance for all Regional Arts Network of Aotearoa Sub-032-Regional-Arts-Network-of-Aotearoa.pdf [330 KB]
DR 175 Immigration settings Reina Tang - TC Consultants DR-175-Reina-Tang-TC-Consultants.pdf [90 KB]
DR 097 Immigration settings Restaurant Association of New Zealand DR-097-Restaurant-Association-of-New-Zealand.pdf [373 KB]
Sub 038 Immigration settings Rex Beer Sub-038-Rex-Beer.pdf [94 KB]
DR 173 Immigration settings River Origin Limited DR-173-River-Origin-Limited.pdf [105 KB]
Sub 007 Immigration settings Rob Wardle Sub-007-Rob-Wardle.pdf [114 KB]
Sub 013 Immigration settings Ross Bicknell Sub-013-Ross-Bicknell.pdf [212 KB]
Sub 014 Immigration settings Rowan Kyle Sub-014-Rowan-Kyle.pdf [39 KB]
DR 109 Immigration settings Roy Blake DR-109-Roy-Blake.pdf [73 KB]
Sub 021 A fair chance for all Ruapehu District Council Sub-021-Ruapehu-District-Council.pdf [230 KB]
Sub 069 A fair chance for all Ruth Herbert Sub-069-Ruth-Herbert.pdf [769 KB]
Sub 072 Immigration settings Sally Chen Sub-072-Sally-Chen-Attachment-1-CBAx-analysis-parent-category.pdf [726 KB]
Sub-072-Sally-Chen-Policy-brief-for-parent-category.pdf [851 KB]
Sub-072-Sally-Chen-Attachment-2-parent-category-NZ-vs-Canada.pdf [700 KB]
Sub 028 Immigration settings Sam Sub-028-Sam.pdf [79 KB]
Sub 011 Immigration settings Sarah Lini Sub-011-Sarah-Lini.pdf [124 KB]
Sub 058 A fair chance for all Shar Gardiner Sub-058-Shar-Gardiner.pdf [140 KB]
Sub 044 A fair chance for all Six former members of Welfare Expert Advisory Group Sub-044-Six-former-members-of-Welfare-Expert-Advisory-Group.pdf [187 KB]
Sub 079 A fair chance for all Social Service Providers Aotearoa Sub-079-Social-Service-Providers-Aotearoa.pdf [332 KB]
Sub 033 A fair chance for all SociaLink Sub-033-SociaLink.pdf [223 KB]
DR 122 Immigration settings Study Group NZ Limited DR-122-Study-Group-NZ-Limited.pdf [181 KB]
Sub 033 Immigration settings Sunit Prakash Sub-033-Sunit-Prakash.pdf [200 KB]
Sub 029 Immigration settings Sylvia White Sub-029-Sylvia-White.pdf [46 KB]
DR 105 Immigration settings T C O'Rourke DR-105-T-C-ORourke.pdf [321 KB]
DR 169 Immigration settings Tailrisk Economics DR-169-Tailrisk-Economics.pdf [378 KB]
Sub 053 Immigration settings Taylor Fry Sub-053-Taylor-Fry.pdf [210 KB]
Sub 031 A fair chance for all Te Hiringa Hauora Sub-031-Te-Hiringa-Hauora.pdf [305 KB]
DR 143 Immigration settings Te Pūkenga DR-143-Te-Pukenga.pdf [264 KB]
DR 140 Immigration settings Te Puni Kokiri DR-140-Te-Puni-Kokiri.pdf [188 KB]
Sub 056 A fair chance for all Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whātua Sub-056-Te-Runanga-o-Ngati-Whatua.pdf [190 KB]
DR 081 Immigration settings Terry Moore DR-081-Terry-Moore.pdf [31 KB]
Sub 050 Immigration settings The EMA Sub-050-The-EMA.pdf [166 KB]
Sub 077 Immigration settings The English Language Institute, Victoria University of Wellington Sub-077-The-English-Language-Institute-Victoria-University-of-Wellington.pdf [773 KB]
Sub 061 Immigration settings The Fair Initiative Sub-061-The-Fair-Initiative.pdf [577 KB]
Sub 054 Immigration settings The Gama Foundation Sub-054-The-Gama-Foundation.pdf [59 KB]
Sub 001 A fair chance for all The Helen Clark Foundation Sub-001-The-Helen-Clark-Foundation.pdf [6.6 MB]
Sub 070 Immigration settings The Icehouse Sub-070-The-Icehouse.pdf [148 KB]
Sub 051 A fair chance for all The Methodist Alliance Sub-051-The-Methodist-Alliance.pdf [138 KB]
Sub 039 A fair chance for all The Royal Australasian College of Physicians Sub-039-Royal-Australasian-College-of-Physicians.pdf [520 KB]
Sub 024 A fair chance for all The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Sub-024-Royal-Australian-and-New-Zealand-College-of-Psychiatrists.pdf [187 KB]
Sub 065 Immigration settings The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners Sub-065-The-Royal-New-Zealand-College-of-General-Practitioners.pdf [379 KB]
DR 164 Immigration settings The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners DR-164-The-Royal-New-Zealand-College-of-General-Practitioners.pdf [384 KB]
DR 098 Immigration settings Tianyu Xu DR-098-Tianyu-Xu.pdf [207 KB]
Sub 041 A fair chance for all Tim Cadogan Sub-041-Tim-Cadogan.pdf [77 KB]
DR 084 Immigration settings Tim Edwards DR-084-Tim-Edwards.pdf [87 KB]
DR 114 Immigration settings Tim Makarios DR-114-Tim-Makarios.pdf [55 KB]
Sub 010 A fair chance for all Tokana Te Raki and BERL Sub-010-Tokana-Te-Raki-and-BERL.pdf [450 KB]
Sub 026 Immigration settings Tom Robertson Sub-026-Tom-Robertson.pdf [62 KB]
Sub 056 Immigration settings Tourism Industry Aotearoa Sub-056-Tourism-Industry-Aotearoa.pdf [134 KB]
DR 146 Immigration settings Tourism Industry Aotearoa DR-146-Tourism-Industry-Aotearoa.pdf [266 KB]
DR 132 Immigration settings Transpower NZ Ltd DR-132-Transpower-NZ-Ltd.pdf [245 KB]
Sub 002 A fair chance for all Trina Sellers Sub-002-Trina-Sellers.pdf [58 KB]
Sub 030 Immigration settings Troy Hanley Sub-030-Troy-Hanley.pdf [133 KB]
Sub 025 Immigration settings Trustpower Sub-025-Trustpower.pdf [475 KB]
DR 127 Immigration settings University of Canterbury | Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha DR-127-University-of-Canterbury-Te-Whare-Wananga-o-Waitaha.pdf [262 KB]
DR 119 Immigration settings University of Otago - Joint Submission DR-119-University-of-Otago-Joint-Submission.pdf [896 KB]
DR 128 Immigration settings University of Waikato - Joint Submission DR-128-University-of-Waikato-Joint-Submission.pdf [571 KB]
Sub 030 A fair chance for all Unpublished
Sub 059 Immigration settings Venture Taranaki Sub-059-Venture-Taranaki.pdf [402 KB]
DR 099 Immigration settings Victoria University of Wellington DR-099-Victoria-University-of-Wellington.pdf [409 KB]
Sub 020 Immigration settings Wai Hospitality Group Sub-020-Wai-Hospitality-Group.pdf [711 KB]
Sub 064 A fair chance for all Waikato Wellbeing Project Sub-064-Waikato-Wellbeing-Project.pdf [975 KB]
Sub 040 A fair chance for all Waipa District Council Sub-040-Waipa-District-Council.pdf [796 KB]
DR 176 Immigration settings Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency DR-176-Waka-Kotahi-NZ-Transport-Agency.pdf [150 KB]
DR 092 Immigration settings Warwick Alexander DR-092-Warwick-Alexander.pdf [1.3 MB]
DR 155 Immigration settings Wellington Chamber of Commerce - Letter of Support for BusinessNZ Submission DR-155-Wellington-Chamber-of-Commerce-Letter-of-Support-for-BusinessNZ-Submission.pdf [175 KB]
DR 095 Immigration settings Wenkai Zhang DR-095-Wenkai-Zhang.pdf [166 KB]
Sub 045 A fair chance for all Wesley Community Action Sub-045-Wesley-Community-Action.pdf [248 KB]
DR 160 Immigration settings Will Shannon DR-160-Will-Shannon.pdf [119 KB]
Sub 015 Immigration settings William Walsh Sub-015-William-Walsh.pdf [333 KB]
Sub 038 A fair chance for all Xero Sub-038-Xero.pdf [329 KB]
DR 101 Immigration settings Xiaojing Liu DR-101-Xiaojing-Liu.pdf [295 KB]
Sub 035 Immigration settings Xingbo Liu Sub-035-Xingbo-Liu.pdf [64 KB]
Sub 048 Immigration settings Yoselyn Salcedo Bolívar Sub-048-Yoselyn-Salcedo-Bolivar.pdf [113 KB]
Sub 076 A fair chance for all You Thrive NZ Ltd Sub-076-You-Thrive-NZ-Ltd.pdf [5.8 MB]
Sub 046 A fair chance for all YWCA Auckland Sub-046-YWCA-Auckland.pdf [169 KB]