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The Commission sought submissions from stakeholders on consultation, issues papers and draft reports for all our inquiries.

To ensure a high level of transparency, we shared the submissions on our website. You can view submissions for our inquiries below. The number ‘Sub#’ relates to submissions on consultation/issues papers and ‘DR#’ relates to submissions on draft reports.

Please note that the views set out in a submission are those of the submitter. The publication does not associate the Commission with those views. 

Filter submissions by inquiry.

Number Inquiry Name Submission
Sub 007 Low-emissions economy ADLS Sub-007-ADLS.pdf [3 MB]
Sub 024 Regulatory institutions and practices ANZ Sub-024-ANZ.pdf [893 KB]
Sub 047 Better urban planning Auckland Council Sub-047-Auckland-Council.pdf [247 KB]
DR 190 More effective social services Barnardos New Zealand DR-190-Barnardos-New-Zealand.pdf [483 KB]
DR 374 Low-emissions economy Barry Coates DR-374-Barry-Coates.pdf [165 KB]
DR 209 More effective social services Blind Foundation DR-209-Blind-Foundation.pdf [100 KB]
Sub 026 Housing affordability Brady Nixon Sub-026-Brady-Nixon.pdf [88 KB]
DR 145 Low-emissions economy Branislav Petricek DR-145-Branislav-Petricek.pdf [46 KB]
Sub 045 New models of tertiary education Competenz Sub-045-Competenz.pdf [258 KB]
Sub 087 Low-emissions economy Deidre Kent Sub-087-Deidre-Kent.pdf [108 KB]
DR 136 New models of tertiary education EMA DR-136-EMA.pdf [371 KB]
Sub 091 Low-emissions economy Export New Zealand Sub-091-Export-New-Zealand.pdf [776 KB]
DR 197 Low-emissions economy Golden Bay Cement DR-197-Golden-Bay-Cement.pdf [331 KB]
Sub 033 Low-emissions economy Graymont Sub-033-Graymont.pdf [307 KB]
Sub 041 Low-emissions economy Horticulture New Zealand Sub-041-Horticulture-New-Zealand.pdf [228 KB]
Sub 009 Using land for housing Insurance Council of New Zealand Sub-009-Insurance-Council-of-New-Zealand.pdf [123 KB]
Sub 045 Regulatory institutions and practices InternetNZ Sub-045-InternetNZ.pdf [421 KB]
Sub 019 Using land for housing IPENZ Engineers New Zealand Sub-019-IPENZ-Engineers-New-Zealand.pdf [256 KB]
Sub 124 Low-emissions economy Kiwirail Sub-124-Kiwirail.pdf [205 KB]
DR 130 Using land for housing Local Government New Zealand DR-130-Local-Government-New-Zealand.pdf [286 KB]
Sub 021 Towards better local regulation Mackenzie District Council Sub-021-Mackenzie-District-Council.pdf [129 KB]
DR 095 Regulatory institutions and practices Maritime New Zealand DR095-Maritime-New-Zealand.pdf [5.5 MB]
DR 124 Housing affordability Market Economics Ltd DR124-Market-Economics-Ltd.pdf [444 KB]
Sub 042 New models of tertiary education Metro Group and NZITP Sub-042-Metro-Group-and-NZITP.pdf [1.3 MB]
DR 214 Low-emissions economy Michael Reddell DR-214-Michael-Reddell.pdf [162 KB]
DR 069 Regulatory institutions and practices Mighty River Power Limited DR069-Mighty-River-Power-Limited.pdf [123 KB]
Sub 125 Low-emissions economy Motor Trade Association Sub-125-Motor-Trade-Association.pdf [560 KB]
DR 337 Low-emissions economy National Energy Research Institute DR-337-National-Energy-Research-Institute.pdf [492 KB]
Sub 013 Regulatory institutions and practices New Zealand Customs Service Sub-013-New-Zealand-Customs-Service.pdf [1.3 MB]
Sub 026 Regulatory institutions and practices New Zealand Public Service Association Sub-026-New-Zealand-Public-Service-Association.pdf [290 KB]
Sub 049 Using land for housing Northland Regional Council Sub-049-Northland-Regional-Council.pdf [142 KB]
Sub 020 Housing affordability NZ Business Roundtable Sub-020-NZ-Business-Roundtable.pdf [133 KB]
Sub 030 Housing affordability NZ Council for Infrastructure Development Sub-030-NZ-Council-for-Infrastructure-Development.pdf [456 KB]
DR 268 Low-emissions economy Pacific Aluminum DR-268-Pacific-Aluminum.pdf [199 KB]
Sub 001 Boosting services sector productivity Phil Hayward Sub-001-Phil-Hayward.pdf [197 KB]
Sub 037 International freight transport services Port of Tauranga Sub-037-Port-of-Tauranga.pdf [88 KB]
Sub 056 Using land for housing Queenstown Lakes District Council Sub-056-Queenstown-Lakes-District-Council.pdf [179 KB]
DR 199 More effective social services Refugee Trauma Recovery DR-199-Refugee-Trauma-Recovery.pdf [325 KB]
DR 193 More effective social services Right Service Right Time Governance and Pegasus Community Board DR-193-Right-Service-Right-Time-Governance-and-Pegasus-Community-Board.pdf [850 KB]
Sub 047 Towards better local regulation Wellington City Council Sub-047-Wellington-City-Council.pdf [365 KB]
Suv 005 Improving Economic Resilience Woodpanel Manufacturing Suv-005-Woodpanel-Manufacturing.pdf [59 KB]
DR 162 Low-emissions economy 350 Christchurch DR-162-350-Christchurch.pdf [665 KB]
DR 360 Low-emissions economy 360 Gas DR-360-360-Gas.pdf [368 KB]
Sub 007 Using land for housing A L Christensen Sub-007-A-L-Christensen.pdf [782 KB]
Sub 029 New models of tertiary education Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand Universities Sub-029-Academic-Quality-Agency-for-New-Zealand-Universities-Attachment-Eight.pdf [1.2 MB]
Sub-029-Academic-Quality-Agency-for-New-Zealand-Universities-Attachment-Five.pdf [1 MB]
Sub-029-Academic-Quality-Agency-for-New-Zealand-Universities-Attachment-Four-v2.pdf [1 MB]
Sub-029-Academic-Quality-Agency-for-New-Zealand-Universities-Attachment-Nine.pdf [1.5 MB]
Sub-029-Academic-Quality-Agency-for-New-Zealand-Universities-Attachment-One.pdf [140 KB]
Sub-029-Academic-Quality-Agency-for-New-Zealand-Universities-Attachment-Seven.pdf [1.1 MB]
Sub-029-Academic-Quality-Agency-for-New-Zealand-Universities-Attachment-Six.pdf [1.2 MB]
Sub-029-Academic-Quality-Agency-for-New-Zealand-Universities-Attachment-Three.pdf [1 MB]
Sub-029-Academic-Quality-Agency-for-New-Zealand-Universities-Attachment-Two.pdf [443 KB]
Sub-029-Academic-Quality-Agency-for-New-Zealand-Universities.pdf [3.1 MB]
DR 126 New models of tertiary education Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand Universities DR-126-Academic-Quality-Agency-for-New-Zealand-Universities.pdf [138 KB]
DR 219 More effective social services Accident Compensation Corporation DR-219-Accident-Compensation-Corporation.pdf [249 KB]
Sub 030 More effective social services Accident Compensation Corporation Sub-030-Accident-Compensation-Corporation.pdf [728 KB]
Sub 054 Strengthening trans-Tasman economic relations Accord Australasia Limited Sub-054-Accord-Australasia-Limited.pdf [155 KB]
Sub-054-Accord-Australasia-Limited-Attachment.pdf [29 KB]
DR 114 New models of tertiary education ACE Aotearoa DR-114-ACE-Aotearoa.pdf [150 KB]
DR 170 Immigration settings ACE New Zealand DR-170-ACE-New-Zealand.pdf [145 KB]
Sub 034 New models of tertiary education ACE Strategic Alliance Sub-034-ACE-Strategic-Alliance.pdf [279 KB]
Sub 084 New models of tertiary education ACG Tertiary and Careers Group Sub-084-ACG-Tertiary-and-Careers-Group.pdf [178 KB]
DR 136 More effective social services ACROSS Te Kotahitanga o te Wairua DR-136-ACROSS-Te-Kotahitanga-o-te-Wairua.pdf [73 KB]
Sub 039 Strengthening trans-Tasman economic relations Action Key Trust Foundation Sub-039-Action-Key-Trust-Foundation.pdf [108 KB]
DR 133 Housing affordability Action Key Trust Foundation DR133-Action-Key-Trust-Foundation.pdf [283 KB]
Sub 003 Immigration settings Adam Irish Sub-003-Adam-Irish.pdf [134 KB]
Sub 003 Improving Economic Resilience Adapt Research Ltd Sub-003-Adapt-Research-Ltd-submission.pdf [250 KB]
Sub 075 A fair chance for all Adelphi Motel Sub-075-Adelphi-Motel.pdf [47 KB]
Sub 011 A fair chance for all Adrian Hobson Sub-011-Adrian-Hobson.pdf [60 KB]
Sub 103 Low-emissions economy Adrian Macey Sub-103-Adrian-Macey.pdf [152 KB]
DR 160 Low-emissions economy Adrian Macey DR-160-Adrian-Macey.pdf [63 KB]
DR 407 Technological change and the future of work Adult and Community Education (ACE) Aotearoa DR-407-Adult-and-Community-Education-ACE-Aotearoa.pdf [161 KB]
Sub 032 New models of tertiary education Adult and Community Education (ACE) Aotearoa
DR 136 Low-emissions economy Advanced Materials Technologies DR-136-Advanced-Materials-Technologies.pdf [474 KB]
Sub 037 A fair chance for all Advocacy Anglican Care South Canterbury Sub-037-Advocacy-Anglican-Care-South-Canterbury.pdf [436 KB]
DR 072 Housing affordability Affordable Housing New Zealand Limited DR072-Affordable-Housing-New-Zealand-Limited.pdf [80 KB]
Sub 012 Housing affordability Affordable Housing New Zealand Ltd Sub-012-Affordable-Housing-New-Zealand-Ltd.pdf [1000 KB]
DR 100 Housing affordability Age Concern DR100-Age-Concern.pdf [216 KB]
Sub 067 A fair chance for all Age Concern New Zealand Sub-067-Age-Concern-New-Zealand.pdf [394 KB]
Sub 100 More effective social services Age Concern New Zealand Sub-100-Age-Concern-New-Zealand.pdf [320 KB]
Sub 005 Improving Economic Resilience Aggregate & Quarry Association Sub-005-Aggregate-Quarry-Association_R.pdf [152 KB]
DR 191 Low-emissions economy AgResearch Ltd DR-191-AgResearch-Ltd.pdf [128 KB]
DR 196 Low-emissions economy Ahika Consulting DR-196-Ahika-Consulting.pdf [100 KB]
Sub 010 Technological change and the future of work AI Forum New Zealand Sub-010-AI-Forum-New-Zealand.pdf [264 KB]
Sub 045 Improving Economic Resilience Air New Zealand Sub-045-Air-New-Zealand_1.pdf [421 KB]
Sub 130 Low-emissions economy Air New Zealand Sub-130-Air-New-Zealand.pdf [1.2 MB]
Sub 047 International freight transport services Air New Zealand Sub-047-Air-New-Zealand.pdf [3.2 MB]
Sub 047 Regulatory institutions and practices Air New Zealand
DR 100 Strengthening trans-Tasman economic relations Air New Zealand DR-100-Air-New-Zealand.pdf [60 KB]
Sub 220 Boosting services sector productivity Air New Zealand Sub-220-Air-New-Zealand.pdf [866 KB]
Sub 046 Towards better local regulation Airfoam Wall Insulators (Palmerston North) Ltd Sub-046-Airfoam-Wall-Insulators-Palmerston-North-Ltd.pdf [61 KB]
Sub 085 A fair chance for all Ako Aotearoa Sub-085-Ako-Aotearoa-updated.pdf [311 KB]
DR 157 New models of tertiary education AKO Aotearoa DR-157-AKO-Aotearoa.pdf [599 KB]
Sub 058 New models of tertiary education Ako Aotearoa Sub-058-Ako-Aotearoa.pdf [692 KB]
DR 149 Low-emissions economy Alan Barraclough DR-149-Alan-Barraclough.pdf [97 KB]
Sub 002 Regulatory institutions and practices Alan Marshall Sub-002-Alan-Marshall.pdf [140 KB]
Sub 003 A fair chance for all Alastair Robertson Sub-003-Alastair-Robertson.pdf [116 KB]
Sub 084 More effective social services Alcohol Healthwatch Sub-084-Alcohol-Healthwatch.pdf [229 KB]
DR 087 A fair chance for all Alec Kynaston Waugh DR-087-Alec-Kynaston-Waugh-1.pdf [214 KB]
DR 146 Low-emissions economy Alec Milne DR-146-Alec-Milne.pdf [61 KB]
Sub 027 Immigration settings Alec Waugh Sub-027-Alec-Waugh.pdf [116 KB]
Sub 052 A fair chance for all Alex Dyer Sub-052-Alex-Dyer.pdf [6.2 MB]
DR 143 A fair chance for all Alex Penk DR-143-Alex-Penk.pdf [684 KB]
Sub 001 Technological change and the future of work Alexia Hilbertidou Sub-001-Alexia-Hilbertidou.pdf [58 KB]
DR 085 Strengthening trans-Tasman economic relations Alison Green DR-085-Alison-Green.pdf [205 KB]
Sub 109 Boosting services sector productivity Alistair Sheat Sub-109-Alistair-Sheat.pdf [820 KB]
Sub 034 Immigration settings Allan Fong Sub-034-Allan-Fong.pdf [265 KB]
Sub 119 More effective social services Alliance Health Plus Trust Sub-119-Alliance-Health-Plus-Trust.pdf [696 KB]
Sub 008 Better urban planning Allison Tindale Sub-008-Allison-Tindale1.pdf [119 KB]