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Your ideas, opinions and information are essential to our work – helping to ensure it is well informed and relevant.

Your views can inform policy that helps grow New Zealand's productivity, improving the wellbeing of our businesses, communities, families and whānau.


We are currently seeking public submissions on the Issues Paper for the Improving Economic Resilience inquiry

The Commission needs your perspectives to help identify areas of focus, inform our findings and recommendations to the Government, and contribute to enhancing the economic resilience of industries and communities throughout Aotearoa.

  1. What supply chain disruptions are you worried about?

  2. What is your industry/community currently doing or planning to do to address supply chain concerns?

  3. How can the government help to enhance the resilience of your industry/community to supply chain disruptions? 
  4. What should the Commission study to learn more about the economic resilience of industries and communities?

Help shape the inquiry by submitting your response by choosing any of the options below by 17 April 2023

All submissions received through this process will be published on the Commission’s website.

The Commission welcomes in-person or online meetings but will need to prioritise given the limited time available to complete the inquiry. Please contact us via the website or email, if you would like to meet.

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