Frontier firms


The Government has asked the Commission to undertake an inquiry to identify policies and interventions that could maximise the economic contribution of New Zealand’s frontier firms.

The performance of New Zealand’s frontier firms are vital to our productivity. As the most productive firms in the domestic economy within their own industry, they diffuse new technologies and business practices into the wider New Zealand economy. 

Frontier firms


  • Our brief
    December 2019

The inquiry

Research in 2016 showed that New Zealand’s most productive firms were, on average, about one-third less productive than international firms in the same industry.

This inquiry is about unlocking the potential of New Zealand's frontier firms versus their international counterparts, identifying opportunities to build comparative advantage and improve macro-productivity growth. 

The Commission will also investigate how innovations of knowledge and technology can diffuse more effectively from frontier firms to other firms in New Zealand.

Find out more - read our brief from the Minister of Finance here.

What's next?

The Commission will release an issues paper asking the public and stakeholders specific questions on this inquiry. Opinions, evidence, ideas and information will be sought via submissions to help ensure the inquiry is well-informed and relevant. 

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