Technological change and the future of work


The Government has asked the Commission to examine how New Zealand can maximise the opportunities and manage the risks of disruptive technological change and its impact on the future of work and the workforce.

The Commission has released two draft reports: Employment, labour markets and income, and New Zealand, technology and productivity. We’re inviting submissions on these reports by 17 February 2020.

Technological change and the future of work

NEW Draft report 2: Employment, labour markets and income

In our second draft report, Employment, labour markets and income, the Commission looked to other countries for answers to help promote technology adoption. We found countries with policies that promote income security over job security – known as ‘flexicurity’ – tend to be more open to technology adoption. In this draft report, we outline three options for improving income security in New Zealand:

  1. Introducing portable individual redundancy accounts
  2. Mandating unemployment insurance
  3. Making changes to benefits and tax credits

We’re seeking public submissions on these options - read the report and have your say!

Draft report 1: Technology and productivity in New Zealand

Our first draft report New Zealand, technology and productivity looked at the factors affecting technology adoption and how technological adoption affects the labour market. It examined how technology affected work in the past, including in New Zealand. We found that:

  • There is little evidence in the available data that widespread disruption to work is coming soon.
  • The likely pace and scale of technological change in New Zealand will depend to a significant extent on developments overseas.
  • Technology and labour-market trends in New Zealand tend to lag behind those overseas, and will be more muted, if recent history is anything to go by.
  • The main problem facing New Zealand today isn’t too much technology, it’s not enough. New Zealand needs to embrace technology, not treat it as a threat.

Find out more, read:

Series of draft reports

Three further draft reports will be released in December: Training New Zealand’s workforce, Firms, innovation and labour markets and Educating New Zealand’s future workforce.

Have your say

The Commission invites your comments, feedback or relevant evidence on the draft reports. We welcome separate submissions on each report, submissions on themes from multiple reports, or a single submission that covers all four reports. Please pick the format and approach that suits you. Submissions can be made via our website and are due by 7 February 2020.

FutureworkNZ blog

BlogWhat does the future hold for job quality and the gender pay gap? What should we do with the multitude of tech forecasts?

The Commission has a blog for this inquiry: FutureworkNZ blogEach week members of our inquiry team are posting their views, so find out what they think, read the latest blog posts here. We welcome your comments and guest posts.