Technological change and the future of work


The Government has asked the Commission to examine how New Zealand can maximise the opportunities and manage the risks of disruptive technological change and its impact on the future of work and the workforce.

Technological change and the future of work


  • Our brief
    25 February 2019
  • Engagement and consultation starts
  • Issues paper
    18 April 2019
  • Submissions due 5 June 2019
  • Series of reports
    August - November 2019
  • Submissions
  • Final report
    31 March 2020
  • Evaluation
    April 2020
  • Government response

The inquiry

Issues paperAfter receiving our brief from the Government in February, the Commission released an issues paper and associated summary in April to invite submissions from interested parties to help better understand specific issues.

We would like to thank all those who met with us or made a submission on our issues paper - you can view the submissions here.

From August - November we will be releasing a series of draft reports for your feedback. We also welcome information and comment on all issues that participants consider relevant to our brief.

FutureworkNZ blog

FutureworkNZ blogVisit the FutureworkNZ blog to learn about the latest research and attitudes to the future of work and make sure you have your say! It's an interactive forum for you to participate in our inquiry. You can post your comments at the bottom of blog posts and subscribe to be notified of new blog posts.

What does the future hold for agri-tech, job quality and the gender pay gap? What should we do with the multitude of tech forecasts available?

Each week members of our inquiry team are posting their views and insights, so find out what they think. Read the latest blog posts here.

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