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3. List of submitters

Number Submission Name
DR87 Alec Kynaston Waugh
DR88 Coalition for Equal Value Equal Pay
DR89 Dr Sandy Callister
DR90 Jade Speaks Up Trust
DR91 UK2070 Commission
DR93 Leon Iusitini
DR94 The Gama Foundation
DR95 Associate Professor Ben Gray
DR96 Jason Ashton
DR97 Parents of Vision Impaired (NZ) Inc
DR98 Institute of Community Psychologists Aotearoa
DR99 Wendy Dowling
DR100 Anonymous
DR101 Helen Gilby
DR102 Jason Duncan
DR103 Child Poverty Action Group
DR104 Shenagh Gleisner
DR105 Sue Barker Charities Law
DR106 Susan S
DR107 James Soligo
DR108 Te Whatu Ora Hauora a Toi Mental Health & Addiction Services Consumer Consultant Group
DR109 Warwick Alexander
DR110 Valerie Dewe
DR111 Grant Beaven
DR112 Manawatu District Council
DR113 Girol Karacaoglu
DR114 Office of the Auditor General
DR115 Rangitīkei District Council
DR116 Luis Arevalo
DR117 The Methodist Alliance
DR118 Kore Hiakai Zero Hunger Collective
DR119 Asian Family Services
DR120 New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services
DR121 Taituarā
DR122 Atamira | Platform Trust
DR123 Ōpōtiki District Council
DR124 Waikato Wellbeing Project
DR125 Local Government New Zealand
DR126 Inspiring Communities
DR127 John Cody
DR128 Rewiring Aotearoa New Zealand
DR129 Social Service Providers Aotearoa
DR130 Citizens Advice Bureau
DR131 Dr Peter Winsley
DR132 Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association
DR133 New Zealanders for Health Research
DR134 New Zealand Council of Trade Unions
DR135 FinCap
DR136 Digital Equity Coalition Aotearoa
DR137 David Stuart and Tom Eats
DR138 New Zealand Public Service Association
DR139 Poverty Free Aotearoa
DR140 New Zealand Nurses Organisation
DR141 Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers
DR142 Community Networks Aotearoa
DR143 Alex Penk
DR144 Tim Hazledine
DR145 Mike Styles
DR146 Leonie Tolua
DR147 Lesley Aabryn
DR148 Derek Gill
DR149 Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand
DR150 ChangeMakers Resettlement Forum
DR151 Wellbeing Economy Alliance Aotearoa
DR152 Anonymous
DR153 Association of Salaried Medical Specialists
DR154 McGuinness Institute
DR155 David King
DR156 Tōfā Mamao Collective