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Who we are

Our purpose

As embodied in the New Zealand Productivity Commission Act, 2010 the principal purpose of the Commission is to provide advice to the Government on improving productivity in a way that is directed to supporting the overall wellbeing of New Zealanders, having regard to a wide range of communities of interest and population groups in New Zealand society.

Our vision

To lift the productivity of New Zealand and the wellbeing of New Zealanders.

Our work

The Commission provides evidence-based, high-quality analysis and advice about ways to improve productivity in New Zealand. We aim to increase public and political understanding of productivity-related issues and to empower decision makers with the knowledge and solutions to influence and change policy.

Our work programme focuses on conducting inquiries and research on productivity-related matters and promoting public understanding of this. The Commission normally works on two inquiries in parallel.

Undertaking inquiries

Inquiries are big pieces of analysis, typically undertaken over 12 to 15 months. This timeframe recognises the importance of engaging extensively with interested parties and experts to ensure we consider all points of view, obtain the best available information, understand different perspectives, and test ideas. The Government chooses inquiry topics to ensure our work is relevant, and our advice pertains to issues they have an interest in addressing. Once topics are set, we are required to act independently.

Publishing research

The Commission conducts research and publishes papers to provide an evidence base on which to offer advice to improve New Zealand’s productivity. This work includes benchmarking New Zealand’s productivity performance over time, which is presented in our Productivity by the numbers publication. We collaborate and work closely with agencies who are active in productivity research. This allows us to access subject/sector specialists and benefit from the cross- promotion of ideas and insights.

Promoting understanding

We undertake a range of communications activities around our inquiries and research work to educate and promote understanding of productivity-related matters. We aim to reach diverse audiences through outreach activities, opinion journalism, blogging, sponsored media articles, social media and email marketing.