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Colonisation, Racism and Wellbeing

NZPC Colonisation Racism Wellbeing Final

Haemata Limited

Date published

9 June 2022

If we are to maximise Aotearoa New Zealand’s productivity, it is important that all our citizens have equal opportunities to success, wellbeing, and the high quality of life that only some currently enjoy.

We know that there are inequities in our system that prevent some New Zealanders from accessing these rights and we need to address any issues and barriers if we are to reach our potential as a country.

Statistics and research tell us that Māori and Pacific people experience these inequities and are ‘persistently disadvantaged’ at greater rates than other groups.

For Māori who live in Aotearoa New Zealand, disadvantage is intertwined with the impacts of colonisation and racism. The story for Pacific peoples is different, but also has racism at its core.

This paper seeks to develop our understanding of persistent disadvantage for Māori and Pacific people by exploring the relationship between colonisation, racism, wellbeing.


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