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Improving Economic Resilience inquiry report

Economic resilience is the capacity of industries and associated communities to anticipate, prepare, absorb, recover, and learn from supply chain disruptions. This inquiry investigates Aotearoa New Zealand’s resilience to persistent disruptions likely to occur over the medium term, and policies that can enhance resilience. 

All economies monitor supply chain vulnerabilities and strive to reduce risks through diversification. Most small advance economies have leveraged their innovation policies to respond to disruptions. A few large economies employ protectionist industrial policies that are not suitable in the New Zealand context.

New Zealand, as a small open economy relying on global exchange far from global markets is exposed to increased risk of disruptions while also having limited power to influence global supply chains.  

Existing economic challenges around productivity, innovation, infrastructure under-investment, and climate adaptation compromise our ability to adapt to future disruptions.   
Our Improving Economic Resilience inquiry found clear and strong connections between the challenges of building resilience, fostering innovation, and raising productivity. An increasingly uncertain and volatile economic and geopolitical world reinforces the need to tackle these challenges head-on. 


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