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Final report - More effective social services

The Government asked the Productivity Commission in June 2014 to look at ways to improve the effectiveness of the social services it funds. Social services help New Zealanders to live healthy, safe and fulfilling lives. They provide access to health services and education opportunities, and protect and support the most vulnerable. The quality of these services and their accessibility for those in need are crucial to the ongoing wellbeing of New Zealanders.  
Some New Zealanders are particularly disadvantaged. The Commission has come to the view in this inquiry that the current system is not working at all well for these people. The Commission believes that a different approach is needed to support them to improve their lives.


Appendices B to G are available separately from:

Appendix B Case study: Employment services 

Appendix C Case study: Whānau Ora

Appendix D Case study: Services for people with disabilities

Appendix E Case study: Home-based support of older people

Appendix F The economics of social services

Appendix G Machinery of government and cross-agency coordination groups


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