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Te puna kōrero: Understanding persistent disadvantage in Aotearoa New Zealand

Te puna korero cover image children lined up

New Zealand Productivity Commission

Date published

29 August 2022

This paper seeks to learn from some of the many reports that have captured the voices of people experiencing hardship. It recognises and respects these people’s contributions and summarises some of the recurring themes from these accounts. It aims to help the Commission better understand the experiences of people living in persistent disadvantage.

Aotearoa New Zealand communities have invested significant time and energy into supporting government to understand their experience, triggers and exacerbators of disadvantage and hardship. They have also identified how government can best support them.

This paper is not an exhaustive review of all relevant research. It also does not cover the perspectives and experiences of every culture, cohort or community in New Zealand.

We have not attempted to draw inferences or analyse the reasons behind people’s experiences.


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