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Māori perspectives on resilience in response to supply chain disruptions

Haemata report cover resilience

Haemata Limited

Date published

20 February 2024

This report is a result of a series of engagement with Māori to gain an insight to Māori and Iwi views on supply chain vulnerabilities, exposure to disruption, and resilience strategies. Engagements were conducted between May and July 2023. These included a series of one-on-one interviews as well as group discussions with key Māori stakeholders across relevant industries and a range of communities.  

The Productivity Commission’s inquiry Improving Economic Resilience – explores policy interventions to enhance the resilience of industries and communities to supply chain disruptions.  

The aim of the consultation was to produce practical and well-supported recommendations to enhance Aotearoa New Zealand’s economic resilience. To do this, the Commission needs to understand the Māori economic ecosystem. The Commission was interested in:

  • the role of Te Tiriti in building resilience
  • how various ownership/governance arrangements aid resilience, or not
  • how te ao Māori business objectives aid resilience or otherwise. 

In the post-COVID era, and with the accelerating impacts of climate change, this report may provide some guidance on future work to research, support and strengthen Māori and Aotearoa’s supply chain resilience. 


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