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Scoping the terms of reference for an inquiry

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Date published

19 July 2021

The Government has asked the New Zealand Productivity Commission to prepare the Terms of Reference (ToR) for a new inquiry into breaking the cycle of persistent disadvantage. We recognise that persistent disadvantage is a big problem. A lot of people are working hard on finding solutions, both in government and communities. We want our inquiry to add value, and not duplicate existing efforts. That is why we want your feedback on where we should focus this inquiry.

The paper briefly maps out what we mean by persistent disadvantage and what we currently know about the topic in New Zealand. It does not aim to be a comprehensive or detailed summary of the evidence. The paper then moves to what we don’t know, distinguishing between areas of possible research and areas where there simply aren’t the data to analyse. It finishes with questions about where the Commission’s work could most usefully focus in this inquiry.


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