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Draft report 4 - Educating New Zealand’s future workforce

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New Zealand Productivity Commission

Date published

22 January 2020

In our fourth draft report, Educating New Zealand’s future workforce, the Commission looks at how the New Zealand education system could better prepare young learners for the world of work.

The report found that alternative pathways into work are obscured by the more “well-lit” pathway towards university. In schools, timetabling constraints and regulatory requirements (especially those related to University Entrance) mean that vocational pathways receive less attention, respect and resources. Careers advice in schools is highly variable. The tertiary system makes it hard for students to change course as they learn more about their preferences and the opportunities open to them. Students bear high costs from making initial mistakes or from changing their minds.

There are opportunities for improvement to be made in the current reforms to the education system. The report identifies opportunities to improve the promotion of innovation and good practice across the education system; support better curriculum implementation; remove constraints on students’ ability to pursue relevant learning and career pathways; improve students’ ability to switch in tertiary education; and address digital inclusion for young people.


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