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Productivity measurement case study: Ministry of Social Development

State sector productivity inquiry illustration

Sandra Moore

Mike Hayward

Date published

1 December 2017

This case study considers how the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) could develop productivity measures for their income support services, using work they have already done to build an Individual Cost Allocation Model (iCAM)2 . It also considers options for further work to develop more accurate and useful productivity measures for MSD using the iCAM, and potential “next steps” for MSD to develop the iCAM itself. 

This case study provides an example of how productivity could be measured in government services of a more transactional nature, using data that is already collected for administrative ‘business’ purposes. Therefore, it is relevant both to the issues involved in measuring services of a transactional nature, and those involved in the ‘reuse’ of administrative data for secondary purposes. 

This paper was prepared for the Commission's inquiry into state sector productivity inquiry.


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