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Findings from a national survey of New Zealand businesses

Colmar Brunton research report cover

Colmar Brunton

Date published

10 December 2013

The Productivity Commission is presently conducting two inquiries.

  1. The Commission is investigating ways it boost productivity in the New Zealand services sector.
  2. The Commission is investigating how to make improvements in the design and operation of regulatory regimes in New Zealand.

To help inform its inquiries the Commission seeks to carry out a survey to better understand the views and experiences of businesses in relation to three key areas:

  • Purchasing services from other business, with a focus on: what types of services firms make use of (as inputs to their production), how competitive the markets are for these services, and how firms make choices between, and switch between, providers 
  • Investing in, and making use of, information and communications technology (ICT), with a focus on the types of ICT that firms use and invest in, and barriers that they face in effectively making use of ICT
  • The impact of regulations, with a focus on the main regulations that impact on business and the types of effect of these regulations.


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