Research Papers

This page lists Commission research papers and working papers. Research papers set out an official Commission viewpoint.Working papers contain the views of the individual author/s.

Datesort descending Title Author
28/03/2013 How integrated are the Australian and New Zealand economies? WP 2013/01 Paul Conway, Lisa Meehan, and Guanyu Zheng
28/03/2013 The effect of Auckland's Metropolitan Urban Limit on land prices Research note Guanyu Zheng
16/07/2013 Housing affordability in New Zealand: Evidence from household surveys NZTWP 13/14 David Law and Lisa Meehan
20/09/2013 Productivity by the numbers: The New Zealand experience RP 2013/01 Paul Conway and Lisa Meehan
19/12/2013 Investigating New Zealand-Australia productivity differences: New comparisons at industry level WP 2013/02 Geoff Mason
01/03/2014 The prices of goods and services in New Zealand: An international comparison WP 2014/2 Norman Gemmell
16/04/2014 An international perspective on the New Zealand productivity paradox WP 2014/1 Alain de Serres, Naomitsu Yashiro and Hervé Boulhol, OECD Economics Department
21/05/2014 Explaining international differences in the prices of tradables and non-tradables (with a New Zealand perspective) WP 2014/3 Rodney E Falvey, Norman Gemmell, Cherry Chang and Guanyu Zheng
05/06/2014 New Zealand's international trade in services: A background note RN 2014/1 Lisa Meehan
05/06/2014 Structural change and New Zealand’s productivity performance WP 2014/4 Lisa Meehan